IgnisionMD is a medical billing and collecting company that helps medical practices collect maximum reimbursements for their PA’s  and all mid-levels.



Don Love


Don Love is our President and Managing Partner. His work experience includes over 10 years of operations management, sales, collections and customer service relations. He was an integral part of growing mid-level collections to over $20 million a year, by having the know-how to increase the financial bottom-line of medical practices. He excels in getting claims paid and has been referred to as being the “secret sauce” who provides the expertise that gets reimbursement results.

In his free time, he loves to stay fit, travel and spend time with his wife, six children, four grandchildren and friends.



Rob Gerhard


Rob, a founder of the Umbono, Riverside and Ignision Groups of Companies, is a chartered accountant (SA), a CFA charterholder, and holds an MSc (Chemical Engineering) degree. He has 25 years experience in investment management, business strategy and the operational management of natural resources companies. Since 2003, Rob has led his team in building a significant natural resources, technology and investment portfolio from a negligible starting capital base. Rob serves as Chief Investment Officer for Umbono and Riverside Companies and as the Chairman for the Ignision Companies, with overall responsibility for the firm’s investing activities, and oversight over its operations.



Rob Symons


Rob is a Chartered Accountant (SA). He serves as CFO of Umbono Group’s North American investment companies, including the Riverside and Ignision companies, and has been a part of the team since 2000 in investment banking, corporate advisory and natural resources investing and operations management roles. Rob has wide experience in the field of finance, including directing economic development programs in third world countries with an international aid organization. Rob services as the CFO of the Groups’ investment management and operating activities.



Carrie Wilkins


As Operations Manager, Carrie directs IgnisionMD’s staff in support of the firm’s successful efforts to obtain the highest possible reimbursements for its clients. Carrie holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and has experience in developing, implementing and managing complex work-process and electronic -based workflows. Carrie is passionate about having a positive company culture and provides strategic leadership and motivation for IgnisionMD to have a supportive atmosphere that values everyone and promotes the well-being of each employee.    

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Rae Coachman


Rae Coachman is an outstanding coder and collector with numerous qualifications in these fields. She is an efficacious communicator and estimable trainer. As the Account Resolution Supervisor, she ensures that accounts are recovering payments in a timely manner, while overseeing the staff members who directly engage payers. Rae has an invaluable and comprehensive understanding of out-of-network collections. Her expertise includes investigating and resolving discrepancies and negotiating claim details to get the highest reimbursements possible. She also works closely with the Billing Department to help implement processes that contribute to accurate invoicing regarding patient accounts.  

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